What to look for in your quotation

  1. Does the contractor have a QBSA Licence?
  2. Get more than one quote
  3. Compare 'apples to apples' if quoting on different types of security - for example -7mm grilles or stainless steel grilles.
  4. Ask if 7mm doors and grilles are crimped, welded or riveted.
  5. Ensure all hinged doors have 3 hinges, a closer, bug-seal and Adda-Guard.
  6. Is there a standard deadlock or a triple-lock?
  7. For sliding doors - are there rollers on the top and at the bottom, and is an interlock fitted?

Remember there is no 'standard' size door or window opening. Doors you can buy from bulk manufacturers and hardware stores often end up costing more to fit as the size might not be right for your door opening and/or the lock height might be too high or low.


Maintenance of your doors, grilles and screens

  1. Keep all tracks clean. A weekly vacuum will help keep tracks clear of debris that will wear your rollers down over time.
  2. Lubricate sliding door and large sliding window tracks with 'Dry Lube' - graphite grease.
  3. Clean aluminium frames with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Do not use abrasives as this will pit the aluminium over time.
  4. The best glass cleaner is newspaper dipped in a half and half mix of methylated spirits and water. If cleaning tinted glass look for a good quality glass cleaner.
  5. Flyscreens and security doors and grilles can be lightly vacuumed. If you have a soft brush attachment this can be used as well. The soft brush attachment also works for venetians and timber blinds. Wipe timber blinds with a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt.
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